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Ian Hurd


Ian Hurd is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Weinberg College Center for International and Area Studies. The 4th Edition of his book International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice was published in 2020. His book How to Do Things with International Law (2017) looks at the political uses of international law around war, drones, and torture to reconsider the idea of the international rule of law. His book After Anarchy: Legitimacy and Power in the UN Security Council (2008) won the Chadwick Alger Award from the International Studies Association and the Myres McDougal Prize from the Policy Sciences Society. He is also co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations (2016).

His research and teaching focus on international law and politics in theory and in practice, and on political science research methods. He is a frequent contributor to public debates on global affairs, foreign policy, and international law. His work has appeared in leading academic and policy journals, including International Organization, Foreign Affairs, International Politics, Global Governance, and Ethics & International Affairs. His op-eds have appeared in the New York Times and other media outlets, and he is interviewed frequently by Chicago Public Radio and the Chicago PBS station, WTTW. He has been a visiting scholar at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago, WZB in Berlin, the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, EHESS in Paris, and elsewhere.