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Weinberg College Center for International and Area Studies

A hub for interdisciplinary global scholarship and teaching


Explore the Center for International and Area Studies and its Diverse Programs and Research Groups

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The WCCIAS provides the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences with a unified administrative center for interdisciplinary teaching, research, and programming on a broad range of international and regional issues. The center is composed of three undergraduate major/minor programs and an ensemble of faculty-led research groups on key global themes.

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Research Groups


Faculty groups working on key global issues

Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies (REEES)

The Program in Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies (REEES) at Northwestern University brings together faculty and students bound by a shared interest in the vast region between Prague and Vladivostok. 

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Global Religion Research Group

The Global Religion Research Group brings together innovative thinkers in search of new understandings of and creative responses to the challenges of socially and religiously diverse worlds. 
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Global Capitalism and Law

The Global Capitalism and Law Research Group investigates the political, social, legal, and normative underpinnings of successful and politically sustainable local, national, and global markets.

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Colloquium on Refugees, Migrants and Statelessness

The Colloquium on Refugees, Migrants and Statelessness brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners and policy makers in order to contribute to the public understanding of movement across national borders, with the aim of reducing the risk of harm, confronting social disfranchisement, and changing the international community’s response to refugee and migrant needs.
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Comparative and Historical Social Science

Co-sponsored by the Departments of Political Science and Sociology, the Program in Comparative and Historical Social Science (CHSS) supports training for graduate students interested in comparative and historical research. 


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The Andean Cultures and Histories working group (ACH) seeks to enrich research and teaching at Northwestern in humanistic and social scientific inquiry related to the Andes and the adjacent Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. 
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Curricular Programs


Programs of study with global and regional concentrations

International Studies Program

The International Studies program is the gateway to the study of global affairs in the Weinberg College at Northwestern. Our mission is to encourage and support student education and scholarship in international affairs. We are open to all Weinberg students and to students from across the university. 
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Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Northwestern's Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LACS) has a dual purpose. One is to support a spirited and diverse community of faculty and graduate students whose research covers the culture, history, and politics of Latin America and the Caribbean.  
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MENA Studies Program

The MENA faculty trains students in the latest critical approaches to social, cultural, political, and economic forces in the region, and provide an understanding of their histories and global interconnections.  Our trademark is an embrace of comparative approaches—which for us means both cross-regional and cross-disciplinary approaches—to this large and diverse area of the world. 
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Meet Ian Hurd, Director of the WCCIAS

Meet Ian Hurd, Director of the WCCIAS, Professor of Political Science, author of How to Do Things with International Law and other books on international affairs…

Ian Hurd

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